The exhibit at ANX

The exhibit at Atelier Nord ANX! I completely forgot to blog about this, but here it is. The exhibit was a great success. Before the opening I was very worried that people would have problems fitting the headset or that they would be able to make it work – cognitive control with the Emotiv headset is something that usually takes a lot of practice. I had tried to solve this by building an intensive training session into the installation, and it seems to have paid off. The users were prompted three times to think about some desire they had in life, while the software recorded their brainwaves. Most guests in the gallery achieved a 20-40% skill rating – a number that tells you roughly how similar your thoughts and brain patterns were the tree times they were recorded. This was more than enough for most users to achieve an undisputed sense of control over the sound and lights. Also a gallery assistant was there to help every visitor put the headset on, so there was little trouble getting the sensors to fit.

Here are some pictures: