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Soon there will be a new version of the subConch software available where synth-data and emo-data can be sent out as OSC over UDP to other applications. It will also support running multiple instances for different users/headsets on the same computer, all sending OSC data to individual ports.

The exhibit at ANX

The exhibit at Atelier Nord ANX! I completely forgot to blog about this, but here it is. The exhibit was a great success. Before the opening I was very worried that people would have problems fitting the headset or that they would be able to make it work – cognitive control with the Emotiv headset is something that usually takes a lot of practice. I had tried to solve this by building an intensive training session into the installation, and it seems to have paid off. The users were prompted three times to think about some desire they had in life, while the software recorded their brainwaves. Most guests in the gallery achieved a 20-40% skill rating – a number that tells you roughly how similar your thoughts and brain patterns were the tree times they were recorded. This was more than enough for most users to achieve an undisputed sense of control over the sound and lights. Also a gallery assistant was there to help every visitor put the headset on, so there was little trouble getting the sensors to fit.

Here are some pictures:

subConch test round

I just finished my test of the whole installation at Atelier Nord in Oslo with great success. Now only a few tweaks are needed and I’m ready to exhibit in galleries. New videos will come up soon, but here are a few images of the installation.

Sculpture ready!

Finally the sculpture is ready. Since I’m too busy with projects and life in Switzerland at the moment, I will not have time to assemble and test the whole installation until January. Anyway, here are a few photos. Looks good!

Conch angle 1
Conch angle 2
Conch detail

Final model part 1

Here is a quick walk-around of the final, unpainted and unpolished model. It looks great! A big thumbs up for Paal Fediuk and Trond Joakimsen over at HPC in Fredrikstad. Good job! Just a few minor last tweaks and everything will be spray painted and polished this week. On Friday I will have all the three finished models in hand, with speakers mounted, ready to go.

Here are a couple of more images:
Final Model 1
Final Model 2
Final Model 3

Speaker part 2

Visaton Speaker After more research and more info from the hifi community online I have now found the perfect speaker – an 8″ full-range driver from Visaton. This speaker is made for an enclosure of 70-100 liters and since my conch is approx. 95 litres this will be a good match!

The frequency response will be between 57hz and 18khz – a great range. A few adjustments will have to be made to the model, but since the “chute” has not been built yet this should pose no immediate issues.


Beta 10cxHaving spoken to a few hifi experts online I now realize that the driver I have chosen will not have the frequency range I desire (my Kappa 10a stops at around 2kz) – stupid since I ordered two more of them a couple of days ago. It now sounds like a coaxial driver (woofer and treble mounted together as one from two separate elements) is the ideal choice. An Emincence Beta 10CX combined with an Eminence ADS 1001 treble unit, rather than the Emincence Kappa Pro 10a I hade before. This means different mounting data, but since this part of the sculpture is not built yet it will not be a problem. I’m being recommended this combined unit which looks good and as I understand will also sound good.