I’m currently working on sending all emo-data and audio data to MAX/MSP as OSC messages via UDP. I’ve got a basic setup working with the emo-data, but I don’t know enough about MAX/MSP to do what I want yet. Basically I want to do all the audio synthesis in MAX since it’s easier to play around and get quick results there. I’m for instance planning to generate sound waves based on the raw EEG data. Opening the application up with OpenSoundControl also makes it more flexible for other types of projects.

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  1. Mats Sivertsen

    Yes and no! Got ideas for the OSC implementation using his emoosc, but decided to do it a little bit differently (also I think it worked only with EmoComposer). I didn’t know he had updated it, I need to take a look. Thanks! The main bulk of my osc-packet is the raw eeg and gyro data, but it would be cool if the implementations where sort of interchangable.

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