Yobrepus started in 2006 as a solo, home-recording project. Between 2006 and 2010 I recorded a collection of songs that would eventually get handed over to producer Leon Muraglia, to salvage and save from oblivion. The album, best described as indie/art-rock, was released on Furuberget Records in 2017.

The release became the impetus to start a proper band and I was joined by Leon Muraglia (guitar), Vegard Vartdal (bass) and Paal Urdal (drums). Our most recent album, «Myceliun Days», moves into a more progressive territory and was released on Apollon Records, Sep 25 2020.


Transcends and even defies categori­zation, and a rigid summary of what this fabulous album sounds like is essentially a redundant and rather futile exercise.

– Jens Napper, Eternal Terror, 26.10.2020

Yobrepus is quickly becoming a must hear band who are expanding their horizons into very compelling and artistic avenues, as evidenced on this very well executed record.

– Tom Haugen, Take Effect, 30.10.2020

Oslo-based studio project switches moods in style on second album.

– Johnny Sharp, Prog magazine, 01.12.2020

The album is available on the major streaming services and Bandcamp.

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