Film trailer (2014)


17 minute short science fiction film that follows up on themes established in the myBorg photo-series.

Watch the film here.


Eve and Sebastian live alone in the middle of the forest, far away from modern civilisation. One day Eve finds a strange metal object in the garden and brings it into the house. Sebastian is skeptical and soon this new element has upset the tender balance of their relationship.


Music by Leon Muraglia
Edited by Kolbjørn Voll Hjelmerud
Cinematography by Tor Eigil Scheide
Co-produced by Mats J. Sivertsen and Steinar Kaarstein
Produced by Sebastian Santana
Written and directed by Mats J. Sivertsen

Produced by Uniframe, Aktuba Ink and Effektmakeren. Currently distributed by AftenpostenTV.

© Mats J. Sivertsen, all rights reserved.