General release

logoFinally the subConch is out in a general release. Version 0.8.5. You can download it below. Please leave comments, feature requests and bug reports here.
Download subConch V0.8.5 download

Some Windows 64-bit users have had issues. If you are, try and download a 64-bit version of vc_redist and run it after you installed the program. You might also want to try 32-bit compatibility mode if you have problems.

Make sure you didn’t miss any of the prompts during the install, like the self-extracting archive dialogue ? they get obscured by each other.
Also it’s vital to let the vc_redist run its course. Otherwise it won’t work.
08.12.2012 ? New installer with updated vc_redist.
04.03.2012 ? Official release of subConch version 0.8.5 Charonia.

2 thoughts on “General release

  1. Joaquin farias

    I would love to use Subconch as a tool in my research.
    Would you please let me know where i can download the version for Mac OSX
    Best wishes and congratulations on your work.

    1. Mats Sivertsen Post author

      Hi! Thanks for your interest! I’m sorry to say that a Mac-version is not available and probably never will be – I’m not actively maintaining or updating this software.

      Best, Mats


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