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Minuet – a short film

I have now finished the storyboard for the short film I’m making. I have started looking at the production design and have, after talking to a prop builder, decided to postpone shooting until next summer.

Special Effects man Steinar Kaarstad is now engaged in the project. He has experience from a wide range of films including the international success The Troll Hunter. He will spend the fall and winter building the props by hand based on drawings and 3d visualizations. Very exciting!
I have also contacted a production company in Oslo about producing the film. A professional producer can help me up the budget.


Great news today! I received funding from Fond for Lyd og Bilde to make a short film. Continuing my work on man and technology it seeks to explore the impact on the environment as well as our daily life and sense of self. All I have so far is a script and a budget, so the road from here to film is still pretty long. Not much is set yet apart from the D.O.P., which will be my cousin, Tor Eigil Scheide. I will direct and do the 3d and visual effects myself. Before all that there is casting, location scouting… Production is scheduled for 2012.