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The software is out!

screenshotI hope I have written my last bit of c++ code for a while, at least until the bug reports come flowing in. It’s been quite a ride. I started with absolutely no knowledge of c++ at all. I knew Flash Actionscripting and some Javasript. But in c++ there is a whole world of libraries, linking, preprocessor directives, debug and release configurations, dependencies(!), memory leaks, awkward type casting… the list just goes on. Actually I more or less finished a working application a year ago, but I needed a break and worked on some other projects. It still had many bugs and I knew nothing about deployment. Mind you, I have still only tested it on Windows XP 32-bit, where it seems to work just fine, but I’m looking forward to some feedback.
The release is an 0.8.0 version, so it’s still kind of BETA. I’ve codenamed the public freeware verison as “subConch – Charonia”, differentiating it from the (internal) version I’m using in the gallery installation. The differences are few, but the gallery version outputs OSC messages and has a different initial setup as well as different audio for the voice.
Right now the application is awaiting approval at the Emotiv Store. Since it’s free I’ll put up a download option here on the subConch site as well. I’ll keep you posted.

Pending software release

The release of the software version of the subConch is now just around the corner. I have finally managed to deploy a working release configuration on another computer and everything seems to be working just fine. Some work still needs to be done though, like a small user manual, some new voice instructions and perhaps some new graphics for the interface. All in all it’s looking good. There will probably be a free “BETA” version out first where people can use it and report bugs back to me.

Oslo Experiment

Loads of good feedback! Fueled by an article in Ny Tid (read here) as well as some great words of inspiration from the curator at the National Museum in Zimbabwe, we are now full of enthusiasm for further work. Magnhild, Leon and I have started evolving the performance, aiming at the show in Oslo on the 28th and 29th of May (Dansens Hus). I have added more buttons for the audience to press, and Leon has been making new sounds. The location is not the best though, since we have been placed in the corner of the foyer. Rigging is on Monday and I still need to figure out how to fit the space.

Harare day 3

We are on out third day in Harare. Lounging in the hotel lobby next to the main stage. Loads of confusion with accommodation since we had arranged for a friend of Magnhild to sort us out. The place is very far from the main part of town and pretty inconvenient. No shower, no cold (!) water, no breakfast… But the shows today went very well, especially in the afternoon. Finally ironed out the bug that causes loud bangs on the PA. Loads of interest and people. Two more shows tomorrow before we wrap up. Very friendly people and lovely weather. Too bad we’re here for such a short stint.


A lot of deadlines lately: the UKS exhibition deadline, Høstutstillingen, and finally today, the Sculpture Biannual 2011, themed Man and Machine – all to which I applied with the subConch. Now I can focus on The Oslo Experiment show in Harare the week after next. Did a test of all the equipment today and found one of the sensors were broken. It will probably impossible to find a replacement before we go, it being Easter closed and all…


Great news today! I received funding from Fond for Lyd og Bilde to make a short film. Continuing my work on man and technology it seeks to explore the impact on the environment as well as our daily life and sense of self. All I have so far is a script and a budget, so the road from here to film is still pretty long. Not much is set yet apart from the D.O.P., which will be my cousin, Tor Eigil Scheide. I will direct and do the 3d and visual effects myself. Before all that there is casting, location scouting… Production is scheduled for 2012.


Harare National GalleryThe time I ought to be spending preparing for my Harare trip is spent on client work due to a deadline on Friday. The thing is, I’m off to the mountains this weekend and won’t be back before the whole country has shut down for Easter. Magnhild just send me these images of the site we will be performing at. I have aquired a breifcase where I will be carrying all the electronic equipment, but I need to get out and get a list of items, like mosquito nets and sun screen. Go Africa!


Dancer and choreographer Magnhild Fossum and I have been invited to HIFA, an interational arts festival in Harare, Zimbabwe. Together with musician Leon Muraglia we have developed a short solo performance about man and technology called Me-Me. Magnhild is rigged with a variety of sensors that generate and manipulate audio sources, which are her only means of expression. The play seeks to explore the balance between empowerment and entrapment of cyborg existence.

Discovery Networks

Great news! Thanks to Tan Lee (CEO of Emotiv Systems) The subConch will be featured in a series on BCI (Brain Control Interfaces) on the Discovery Networks (which channel I’m not sure yet). This means I’ll be making some new footage in the next couple of weeks showing off the new developments like the control interface. Very exciting!